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Thunder Rock : The Name

The name “Thunder Rock” has a deep and personal meaning to the owner of the company, Elijah Gartin.  Growing up, “Thunder Rock” was the birthplace and first home for the owner.  The Gartin family at the time was residing in a mountain home just southwest of Sedalia, Colorado.  Elijah was just barely old enough to walk at this point in his life.  However, his family would regularly go on extensive journeys through the wilderness of Colorado’s back country.  Living in near solitude the natural world fills your soul with it’s natural rhythms and songs.  Thunder Storms in the mountains leads to appreciation of the rolling rumbles as it vibrates and echos from peak to peak.  This in part is where the name “Thunder Rock” originates.  “Thunder Rock” as Elijah’s father coined the term, was that home in the mountains.

When you speak of the vibrations of Thunder, and the impression of a solid rock, the name, “Thunder Rock” holds a special spot in Elijah’s heart.  Throughout his studies in Calculus, Physics, Astronomy, and Cosmology; a world of waves each having their own rhythmic pattern was discovered.  These waves can belong to liquid, light, atoms, strings, and nearly everything else.  The Thunder wave deriving from the flash of lightning and resulting sound emitting in an omni-directional manner spreading all about. The Rock stands for the solid and sound structure on which the company is founded.  This gives way to how Thunder Rock encompasses the methodology of the company.  To ignite sparks of imagination into realization of a solid digital presence that will echo outward in every direction making a positive vibration for all.

Let us become a part of your technology strategy.  We genuinely want to see you succeed in this highly competitive world driven by technology.

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