Support Packages

Monthly Support Package Information

We offer four different packages at this time for technical support. We make a “Service Level Agreement” (SLA) commitment to you depending on the package purchased.

A work order is a written order from you to do a certain technical task. These are generally limited in scope to a singular issue and are limited to a maximum of 2 hours each

  • Bronze – $249.95/month [5 Work Orders/Month] 5-7 Business Day Response SLA 50% Savings
  • Silver – $449.95/month [10 Work Orders/Month] 3-5 Business Day Response SLA 55% Savings
  • Gold – $799.95/month [20 Work Orders/Month] 1-3 Day Business Day Response SLA 60% Savings
  • Platinum – $4999.95/month [Unlimited Work Orders] Same Day Response SLA ~70% Savings*

Support Options

Bulk Support Packages

Purchase Bulk Support in Hours at a discounted rate in advance.  All Bulk Support requests operate on a Bronze Level Service Level Agreement (5-7 Business Day Response).  Bulk Hours expire after one year from the purchase date.

  • 10 Hour Package – $699.95 30% Savings
  • 20 Hour Package – $1199.95 40% Savings

Contact us for pricing on decreasing SLA time with bulk support packages.
*Based on 160 Hours (40 Hour work weeks)


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