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Elijah Gartin – Owner

Childhood Fascination with Technology

From his early days navigating Windows 3.1 to mastering games like Ski Free, Elijah discovered not only his passion for technology but also valuable life lessons about facing challenges. This early intrigue would go on to define his career.

Tech Beginnings

By the age of 12, Elijah had built his first computer. A year later, he ventured into web development, crafting initial websites with rudimentary HTML and inline styles. However, as he transitioned into high school, he immersed himself in PHP and Backend Systems, working with platforms like php nuke, e107, and phpbb. His expertise led him to develop websites for various gaming communities, eventually taking leadership roles in some. Despite a brief stint as a computer technician and later, an unrelated warehouse job, his commitment to tech remained undeterred.

The Quest for Higher Education

College beckoned, and Elijah chose the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Yet, financial hurdles threatened to cut short his academic aspirations. With rising costs and limited resources, Elijah made a pivotal decision: he enlisted in the United States Army Reserves on March 8th, 2008, serving as an Intelligence Analyst with the 1st Space Brigade.

Military Adventure

Elijah’s army journey was both challenging and enlightening. From grueling training sessions in Missouri’s wooded marshes to the arid highlands of Arizona, he persevered. His dedication shone through as he graduated top of his class from the Military Intelligence school and subsequently served with the US Space Command. Yet, as reserve orders diminished, he decided to return to Denver, reigniting his academic journey.

Higher Education Redux

Back in Denver with military funding to support his education, college became a smoother experience. His remarkable academic performance led him not only to enroll but also to earn an invitation to tutor. Specializing in Computer Information Systems and Business Calculus, he quickly rose to the position of lead tutor. Elijah’s academic achievements culminated in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, supplemented by five significant certifications:

  • Web Developer in Information Systems
  • Database Specialist
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Programmer/Analyst in Information Systems
  • Network Specialist in Information Systems
The Entrepreneurial Leap

In November 2011, Elijah birthed his vision, founding Thunder Rock. Officially registered by June 2012, the company gained momentum by completing three internships that summer of 2012, fostering lasting friendships and networks.

Elijah’s ambition goes beyond profit. He envisions a tech world accessible to all, driven by unparalleled customer satisfaction. His ideal client base is not just about numbers, but about cultivating a network of friends and partners who share his passion.

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