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Elijah Gartin – Chief Executive Officer


From a very young age, technology was one of the most interesting things in the world to Elijah.  With humble beginnings in Windows 3.1, ski free taught him discipline and the fact that there is no easy way out and sometimes life just isn’t fair. Growing up, this fascination for technology developed into a profession.

Humble Beginnings

After successfully building his first computer at age 12, he began creating his first websites at the age of 13. Starting with basic HTML and inline styles, the websites were hardly impressive. Elijah started dabbling in PHP and Backend Systems as he began his freshman year in high school. He started off developing with lesser known content management platforms such as php nuke, e107, and phpbb.  Elijah created websites for numerous gaming communities in which he took part. Eventually he came to lead a couple of them.  He took a semester off from school and worked as a computer technician while determining his career path which ended in a lay off.  He ended up taking a warehouse gig that didn’t have any specific growth potential.

Higher Education

College was now a viable option and he went off to the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Funding quickly became a problem and was unable to purchase books for school and pay rent at the student housing.  It was at this point a very difficult decision was made.  Elijah enlisted into the United States Army Reserves on March 8th, 2008 as an Intelligence Analyst with the 1st Space Brigade.

Military Adventure

This adventure in the army took Elijah away for over a year with difficult training.  From the wooded marshes of Missouri to the hot highlands of Arizona. High Honors was awarded to Elijah after Military Intelligence school as he graduated the top of his class. Once training was over he began working as a part of US Space Command.  Funding became sparse for reserve orders and the choice was made to return home to Denver and restart college.

Higher Education – Round 2

Once back in Denver, college was much easier with funding from the military to help pay tuition and books. Elijah was invited to be a tutor at the college.  This invitation came shortly after enrollment due to his academic performance. In less than a year, he was promoted to lead tutor.  He tutored various subjects specializing in Computer Information Systems and Business Calculus. He completed the requirements for his Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems including five certifications that the university provides.  These certificates include the following titles:

  • Web Developer in Information Systems
  • Database Specialist
  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Programmer/Analyst in Information Systems
  • Network Specialist in Information Systems.

Professional Life

He started Thunder Rock in November of 2011, and registered with the State in June of 2012.  That summer of three simultaneous internships helped kick start the company and begin building great friendships.

Elijah’s goal is to make the technology world accessible to any who seek it with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  He would like to have a good group of clients that he considers friends.  Rather than a large network of clients that are just numbers.

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